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Sight casting to 10-pounders that make your reel scream.

Fly fishing for Carp is a unique experience, one that every fly fisherman should try.  These fish will challenge you technically and test your landing skills.

Many people compare our Carp fishing to Red fishing on the flats. We commonly find these fish in the shallows scouring for bugs and leeches, or on the surface slurping spent wing bugs in the foam. This makes for some fun casting and an even more exciting hook up.  For any angler that has never felt the strength and speed of a Carp you are missing out.

We typically run these trips May through September when the Carp fishing is at it’s best.

Equipment is provided as part of the trip at no added cost.  However, if you are looking to bring your own gear we would recommend 7 or 8 weight rods with quality reels.