The San Juan River is fishing great!  ( San Juan River Flow Report ) ( AccuWeather )

8/24/13 – An incredible couple of days on the water; we have been landing insane numbers!  Plus we have been getting the fish to eat dry flies – BWO in a size 18 or 20 seems to be the most consistent pattern.

7/6/13 – It’s here – the Ant Fall is here!!!  We are getting nightly rains (albeit light) which are throwing ants on the water, so break out your favorite flying ant patterns (size 16-18) and start fishing the top water.

6/26/13 – WOW have we been slacking on reports…the fishing has been epic, so we’ve been really busy. This past week we have noticed an uptick in Dry-fly action!!! We are due for the big rain any day now, which will bring out the ants…make sure you book us for the day following the first big rain (Ant Fall).

4/23/13 – Orange. More wonky flows have muttled the waters, but fish seem to be responding strongly to the color orange. Eggs, Leeches, OJs, etc with a splash of that color are getting strong takes.

4/21/13 – The river has been kind of tricky over the last week; high winds and fluctuating flows have definitely affected consistency…your best bet is to start with a leech pattern and drop to a red annelid. Midges and Baetis are really coming off strong, but high winds limit the ability to throw dries – unless you tuck into some back channels.

3/14/13 – We have had a great week of fishing; egg patterns and leeches are staples this time of year with water visibility an issue.  As the water continues to clear and temperatures rise, we expect some epic dry fly days ahead.

1/24/13 – Amazing dry fly action!  We slammed the river today, hauling in well over 40 fish on dries – the biggest of which measured 19.5″.

12/16/12 – We had a great day on the water, even though it was snowing, cold and windy.  Put about 40 or so in the boat with several nice browns ranging from 14″ to 17″ – the ticket was a black leech.

11/6/12 – The water has dropped significantly over the last couple of days; look for active fish in the riffles.  Red still gets’m…

11/01/12 - The fishing was good last week and the afternoon winds have subsided. Flows remained around 500 cfs and clarity is still good. Moss continues to be an issue in the upper stretches of the quality water down to death row. Clean your flies often, fish don’t like dirty flies! Red is continuing its run as my best fly, it seems flashier patterns such as the princess and desert storm are the most productive. Grey midge pupa with a black head in size 20, and black Johnny Flash in size 22 worked well for me as well. The baetis hatch is still coming off strong from ET rock down starting around 1:00 and petering out sometime around 3:00. Chocolate foam wing emergers, and grey rs2 are catching fish. The dry fly of choice for me was a size 18 parachute Adams. If it was refused, I’d drop one size smaller.

10/18/12 – Flows are around 650 cfs right now, and should stay there until November 1, when they will drop to 350 cfs for the winter. The fishing has been excellent lately, and the weather is also amazing. Fish are rising to midge clusters and blue wing olives. The clusters are smaller now, a size 20 or 22 Griffith gnat or Renegade will do the trick. I’m also throwing smaller baetis patterns, mostly size 20. If the fish refuse my Adams, I’ve been trying a more realistic pattern such as the Cut Wing Baetis.

10/16/12 – Nymphing has been productive. I have been finding a lot of fish midging in shallow water, with slow currents. A size 18 or 20 red larva as my attractor has been staying on all day. I’ve been switching the dropper around if necessary. Olive and cream midge pupa size 22, and grey UV midge emergers size 24 have been consistently providing good results. My best baetis pattern last week was a size 20 grey RS2.

10/13/12 – Fishing has been good lately in the Quality Waters of the San Juan River. I’ve had success the last few mornings using red larva size 18 and grey midge pupa size 20. For picky fish, try the same patterns in size 22. Overcast days are producing great baetis hatches from Texas Hole to Last Chance. I’ve been using a size 20 flashback pheasant tail, or size 22 black fluff baetis. There are still plenty of fish rising to midges, parasol midges and griffiths gnats are the ticket. It’s been a little windy in the afternoons lately, making the mayfly dry fly fishing a little trickier. Parachute Adams in size 18 and 20 are my favorites. The weather has been great, and the cottonwoods are beautiful right now. Get out and do some fishing!

10/9/12 – Whoa, another drop in the flow today (40% drop)…it seemed to put fish off a little, but we still produced some nice fish on midge and baetis patterns.  The key now is finding the soft seams that the fish are sitting on, as well as troughs.

10/2/12 – The river dropped by 200cfs; fishing continues to be good – didn’t discourage the fish one bit.  We continue to pull in BIG fish on tiny midge patterns…black ‘n’ gray in a size 24 being the most dependable.

9/30/12 – You have got to get on the river; it’s amazing!  Fishing has been insane in the membrane – we chucked some huge streamers today and the fish are responding….work the banks as you drift downstream; they are hitting the fly within two strips!!!

9/16/12 – Fishing continues to be good, despite the amount of traffic on the water.  We are focusing on fish in the upper water column, throwing tiny midge patterns to trout keying on midge-emergers…try a size 24 Black Beauty.

9/6/12 –  It’s been a busy summer; late summer on the river has been great – outstanding really!  Lot’s of fish rising to eat tiny dries (Adams #24).  As we move towards fall, we are starting to see more and more fish moving to streamer patterns…we fished large streamers yesterday with some good results, but missed the biggin by a swipe.

9/1/12 – Had a great trip with the ladies today; the company and the fishing was excellent.  Red annelids continue to produce, so make sure you have one of those leading a midge pattern.

8/11/12 –  Another great day on the water targeting rising trout with BWO’s (size 22); lots of action mid-morning and well into the afternoon.  We also got some to eat larger patterns like a Dead Chicken…if you throw it they will come!

8/10/12 – Incredible day wading above Texas Hole; put over 50 fish in the net before lunch using a variety of flies: Big Mac Pupas, Red Annelids and Miracle Midges.

7/27/12 – Mornings and Late Afternoons are fishing great on the Juan, so hit it early then come back for some nice dry fly action.  Fish are consistently hitting midge patterns in shallow water, so cast near banks.

7/22/12 – The water level continues to drop and with it brings crystal clear water…break out those tiny midge patterns like a Black Beauty or a Gray RS2.

7/21/12 – Lower San Juan is fishing really well; lots of streamer action.  Fish are holding close to the banks, so toss you streamer close to shore and strip it back rapidly…Green or Black Buggers with rubber legs will do the trick.

7/2/12 – Big fish are moving around in the higher waters of the San Juan; the increased flows have given the big boys room to roam. Streamer patterns are a sure fire way to capture interest – we have noticed many smaller fish being chased when hooked. Also try some hopper patterns in the lower waters.

6/26/12- Nymph fishing was pretty good this morning using a pink egg with a red larva dropper. Use a good amount of weight because of the increased flow. It also seems that the fish are holding pretty close to the bottom in the morning. In the afternoon fish rose well to our foam ant pattern.

6/22/12 – Great day on the San Juan River throwing a variety of bugs; wooly buggers and red annelids.  The fish seem to be holding to the bottom due to increased flows, so it is important to use long leaders and heavy weight.

6/19/12 – The flows have increased this week to 700-800 cfs, which is kicking up a bunch of moss…we have had a lot of success catching big fish on leech patterns and large dry flies (hopper patterns size 12).

6/8/12 - It’s time to start throwing those big dry flies on the San Juan River. I’ve had luck the last few days on foam ant patterns and small tan hoppers. Target fish in skinny, fast moving riffles. For nymphs, my best producers have been red larva, big Mac pupa, and rs2′s.

5/25/12 – It’s high-water, but the fishing is still good!  We have been boating fish left and right with several large fish landed.  The key is getting your flies down in a hurry; throw lots of weight on the egg and san juan worm rig (Need more weight?? Try a beadhead san juan worm!).

5/18/12 - The river fished well all day using a red larva attractor followed by either an olive midge pupa with a black head or a chocolate midge pupa with a black head. The clouds had fish rising all day, and we took them on size 18 hi viz Adams and size 20 griffiths gnats.

4/27/12 - Fishing was really good this morning on red larva and grey big Mac pupa. In the afternoon my best pattern was a dark olive RS2, size 20. Fish are now in the riffles and are eating well in the faster water.

4/20/12 - Fishing has been the best for us in the mornings lately. We’ve had the best luck with grey scintilla midges and chocolate big Mac pupa, both size 20. The afternoons have been a little spotty nymphing — that said, our best mayfly nymph has been a grey or chocolate foam wing emerger. The dry fly fishing is awesome right now if you have the skills to put the fly where it needs to be. A size 20 Adams or Griffith Gnat is all you need.

4/10/12 – Sick dry fly action!  Size 24 Parachute Adams…the cloudy day was just what the doctor ordered; even though we had some wind, we were still able to knock down a lot of trout on the dry.  Spring fishing is my favorite for this very reason.

4/1/12 – We took Shaun, Lisa and their two boys out this weekend; all did very well – despite the gusty winds.  We drifted a traditional leech & red annelid rig to compensate for less than ideal drifts in the wind…when the winds were below 30-mph we saw plenty of fish sipping emergers and changed over.  All in all another successful day on the water.

3/28 & 3/29 – We spent the last couple days with a group from AZ; fishing was excellent – especially in the mornings.  Each of our guys got off to hot starts and continued all day/each day…the bite was really easy to read, red and more RED (size 18 annelids).

3/23/12 - Today I had the chance to fish with two very experienced San Juan fisherman. I used the opportunity to try some different bugs out. I figured out that the red larva to olive midge pupa is the winning ticket for the morning. In the afternoon I’ve had the best luck with a chocolate foam wing emerger followed by the red larva. Chris and Marc decided to throw dries for the afternoon sesh on their noodles ( a 4wt bamboo and 1wt graphite). We took fish on parachute Adams and Griffiths Gnats during the afternoon hatch. It ended up being one hell of a spring day!

3/11/12 - Today we had a great day fishing streamers. David and Bill both had a white articulated streamer and the fish loved them! We caught a good number of fish all morning with this one pattern. After lunch we found fish rising to a decent baetis hatch and were able to close out the day with parachute adams and griffith gnats in size 20.

3/8/12 – Had a great three days on the Juan, it fished well all three days with different types of fishing each day. Quality water float on Monday experienced solid nymphing with eggs and red larva in the morning, and chocolate foam wings and olive midge pupa in the afternoon. Tuesday we floated the lower river. Fish ate a black streamer pretty well in the morning, but didn’t really want to chase the streamer in the afternoon. A cerise egg worked well when my 11 year old angler lost interest in throwing the streamer! Wednesday we waded the quality water. We fished a white streamer with great success around the upper flats and cable hole. After lunch we moved down to last chance riffle for some more wading. The fish were rising to a decent baetis hatch despite the wind, and we were able to pick up fish on parachute adams and griffiths gnats in size 20.

3/7/12 – Great few days on the Juan; things are really heating up literally and figuratively…dries, streamers and nymphs – whatever your pleasure.  Chocolate/Gray Emergers are yielding fish consistently along the banks.

1/12/12 – Absolutely crushed the Braids yesterday; several fish over 18″, but the area is loaded with fingerlings.  To avoid the little guys and land the biggins, throw on a big leech (black or gray).

1/6/12 – Incredible fishing right now, even though the water on the San Juan River is off color…the trick is bright colors running deep and slow.  Eggs eggs eggs.

10/31/11 - Fishing on the San Juan has been very good lately. Strong midge hatches in the morning coupled with afternoon baetis have made for productive fishing all day. I have been primarily fishing a red larva to an olive midge pupa in the morning. Around lunch I will substitute a chocolate foam wing emerger or a pheasant tail for the red larva. Dry fly fishing has been picking up mid morning through the afternoon. A size 20 or 22 parachute Adams has been my best fly. Now is the time to get out on the water as the crowds of September and October are beginning to disappear.

05/05/11 – Flows went up on Thursday to 650 cfs. The increased moss in the water has been the hardest thing to deal with the increased flows. Clean your flies every cast! Red larva, chocolate midge pupa and size 20 flashback pheasant tails have been our best bugs.

05/07/11 – Fishing was a little slow in the morning, but began to pick up around 10:00. I had success with a size 20 chocolate midge pupa and a grey crystal flash midge emerger. The afternoon fished well with a chocolate foam wing emerger followed by a chocolate midge pupa. Fishing was especially good in the fast riffles during the baetis hatch from 1:00 until 3:00 or so.

05/18/11 - Fishing has been especially good for the last few days. A red larva to a cream midge pupa has been my go to morning selection. Around eleven I’ve been switching the red larva to a chocolate foam wing emerger with a copper rib. The fish I’ve found rising have been eating a 20 or 22 parachute adams.

06/17/11 - Fishing on the San Juan below Navajo Dam has continued to improve as water levels drop. Red San Juan worms and red larva in sizes 18 to 22 have been my best bugs. I also have had good luck with scuds. I fished a green flashy scud size 16, and a grey one in size 20. I’ve also had some good fish eat a size 6 olive flash bugger. The water is scheduled to be back at the average flow of 500 cfs this weekend, and fishing should be lights out for the next few weeks until the fish wise up.

08/09/11 – High Water!  Well sort of…we were all surprised on Tuesday morning by increased flows on the Juan; from 400 to 800 cfs.  Needless to say we switched tactics quickly, no more size 28 midge larva – it was “big ugly” time (Wooly Buggers, San Juan Worms, Scuds and Leeches).  There wasn’t a lot of activity, but the fish that were eating were biggins!  I will be posting a picture of John’s 23-incher soon.

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